Saturday, February 28, 2015
Steyr Mannlicher Carbine Winner Selected

Tiny Tomsen of Tulsa, OK won the coveted Steyr Mannlicher Carbine. Second prize went to John T. Frazer and third prize to Jim Irwin. Thanks to everyone who donated and participated in the drawing.


New Membership Application

The Mannlicher Collectors Association has a new membership application! Click here to view the new membership application form.


Next Annual Meeting

The next meeting will be April 11 & 12, 2015.  It will once again be held in conjunction with the Tulsa Arms Show.  Start making plans so you can join us.  More information in months ahead. Here is a link to the show site.

To understand more about what goes on, click here to learn about our last meeting


Welcome to the Mannlicher Collectors Association

Ferdinand Manlnlicher
The M.C.A. serves those interested in Mannlicher and Mannlicher-styled arms, as well as arms manufactured by the Steyr armory in Austria and used by sportsmen and the military throughout the world.

The namesake of the society, Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher was one of history’s most prolific designers of firearms.

Join The Mannlicher Collectors Association

Ever since its founding twenty years ago, the Mannlicher Collectors Association has been the major forum of communication for collectors, sportsmen, and historians in the numerous military and sporting arms manufactured by the Steyr Armory in Austria.

MCA members benefit from exchanging information about Steyr arms and from communicating with those wanting to disperse or add them to their collections. MCA members are also invited to participate in the association's annual banquet meeting, always held in conjunction with a major three-day gun show, as well as in the association's African safaris scheduled every few years.

All MCA members also receive a complementary copy of the association's quarterly newsletter, The Mannlicher Collector. A sample issue can be ordered from the Membership Secretary at the cost of $3.00. ($4.00US in Canada and $5.00US overseas.)

Click here to view the new membership application form.